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Why is the press pod different?

The high cost of hiring a PR company prevents most small creative businesses from gaining much needed press coverage.   This is very frustrating,  particularly as designer makers and artists have so much to offer.  So we took action!
This unique new service is a daily listing of journalist requests especially curated for creative businesses. .  These are available in a private area within the website for members to access and reply to quickly, easily and – most of all – affordably.
You’ll be delighted to hear that our credentials are superb!  Our team has over 30 years combined experience in marketing and the media!  So, yes, we know the industry inside and out,  and are looking forward to opening this Pandora’s box for you!

Our focus

Connecting Small Creative Businesses Quickly, Easily And Affordably With Journalists

Press Requests

Exclusive access to curated press requests from journalists who are actively looking for products like yours to feature in top magazines and newspapers.

Knowledge Bank

A valuable resource of How to Guides featuring inside knowledge on the best way to approach journalists, and promote your products successfully online.

Account Manager

Your account manager will help you to get the best from your membership and guide you on on how to present your products within your online listing.


Option to drop ship your products directly to the thousands of new customers on our tailored websites Wedi-Quette & *Maisie-Jane (*Launching in Spring 2019).

the  press  pod

In detail:

Daily Press Requests

Everyday you can access curated  Press Requests from Journalists and other media personnel, and reply to them directly yourself.

Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is an invaluable resource providing relevant information such as a how to optimise your Product Photography, how to write a Press Release and lots, lots more.

Members benefits

When you join The Press Pod, you gain access to our exclusive Partner Company Area of the Website where you can view Press Requests and the Knowledge Bank.  If you are using the ecommerce facilities, you can check your orders and sales in this area.


Our ecommerce sites are SEO ready to maximise your products’ digital footprint on the internet; enabling customers and journalists to find you.  All the product SEO is done for you within your product description and behind the scenes.


An affordable route to press coverage and growth for small creative businesses!

Business Growth

Fact – PR is 3 times more effective than traditional advertising.  Customers buy their favourite magazines and newspapers to read articles, not adverts.  Thus being part of a feature or shopping guide gives your brand credibility,  drives traffic to your own website and helps increase sales.


Ecommerce Listings

You have the option to drop ship your products directly to the thousands of new customers on our tailored websites Wedi-Quette & *Maisie-Jane (*Launching in Spring 2019). This gives your business another lucrative online shop window  and helps you reach out to new customers.

Ultimate Perfection

One login – multiple sites!  If you take advantage of our ecommerce facilities you can upload your products to any applicable site.  No need to upload multiple times – it’s all done in one go, super easy and very quick.  All products are curated by our team before being published.

Smart Experience

Our team has over 30 years combined experience in PR, Marketing and the Media.   So, yes, we know the industry and we know the challenges involved on both sides.  Experience shows that building good and lasting relationships with journalists is the best way to see your products published regularly in the press.


Press Requests

Curated Press Requests are posted promptly in the members only area of the website for you on a daily basis.  This ensures you have the most up to date information and can reply to relevant requests as soon as possible.  Speed, accuracy and relevancy are of the essence when replying to the press.

Reputable Companies

All applicants to The Press Pod are assessed by the Directors before membership is formally accepted.  This ensures that your products and brand will only sit next to like minded businesses with the same high standards as yourself.  Product photography and customer service standards are paramount.

Pricing Plan

An affordable solution for your products and story to be published in the press!

Our designer / makers

A selection of Designer / Makers’ products on The Press Pod Network

Why Join?  By joining The Press Pod you join like minded Small Creative Businesses.  You also have the option to to drop ship your products directly to the thousands of new customers visiting our tailored websites. This gives your business another lucrative income stream totally hassle free.

Wedi-Quette, an online wedding magazine/marketplace offering an alternative to the pink, sparkly and mass-produced products that other wedding sites offer.   Visitors to our site are looking for high quality wedding gifts, décor, accessories and fresh original ideas for their wedding or event.

Launching in Spring 2019 Maisie-Jane, the online Style Hub for Business, bringing fabulous products for all that is needed in a business lifestyle!  From desk accessories, to the perfect leaving gift for colleagues , colleagues going on maternity leave,  and gifts for colleagues who are getting married. Maisie-Jane is one online location that has it all!  Saving your valuable time and energy –  and much easier than trailing up and down the high street in your lunch hour!


Over 30 Years Combined Experience In Marketing And PR

Pamela Evans

Pamela Evans

Founder & CEO

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor


Victoria Fraser

Victoria Fraser

Head of Account Management

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